Fifteenth generation Air Jordan shoes in 1999

Fifteenth generation Air Jordan shoes in 1999 – 2000, this high-performance shoe design inspiration from the “night” Michael Jordan and the X-15 aircraft (this type of aircraft broke the speed limit). There are 23,6 and 15 three numbers, representing Michael Jordan’s jersey number, get the name and number of the championship in the palm shoes …… unique structure and woven uppers upper, which combines the Michael Jordan Flying heroic and maverick in the court of the mall.

Sixteenth-generation Air Jordan shoes 2000 – 2001 Joe sixteen a unique shoe covers alternative expression of the “transient” design philosophy, you can make these shoes immediately turned in the game from the outfield shoes training shoes. Sixteenth-generation Air Jordan shoes shape design influenced by modern cars and buildings, featuring cleat soles outside, but the most important source of design inspiration is Michael Jordan from the players to the decision-makers (Wizards Partner ) role change.

Seventeenth-generation Air Jordan shoes 2001 – 2002 Air Jordan shoes is making a comeback. Jordan seventeenth generation design again plays an important role – he deliberately create a pair of their favorite performance of new shoes. This shoe design inspiration from jazz – the sole is made of sturdy shoes to provide a stable foundation, dazzling material at the heel is the most prominent feature; the upper is covered with vibrant material, fully embodies the Jordan strive for perfection style of play. Seventeenth-generation Air Jordan shoes with metal box packaging, included an interactive CD-ROM.

18th generation Air Jordan shoes 2002 – 2003
Designers believe Jordan on the court gestures that reveal elegant temperament smooth Jordan 18 generations to recount the main feeling, it will identify the perfect combination of ultimate inspiration of the movement’s most advanced science and technology and from basketball, the toe is at The best proof of this.

Nineteenth-generation Air Jordan shoes 2003 –2004 years • Asian tour to China accompanied by Jordan (04.5.28) • upper with imitation snakeskin mesh woven material, this pair of shoe is called “Black Mamba “shoelace wrapped inherited tradition • 16 generations since

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Eighth Air Jordan shoes 1992 –1993, Michael Jordan

Eighth Air Jordan shoes 1992 –1993, Michael Jordan, in an indomitable attitude reached 1993 NBA playoffs. Eighth Air Jordan shoes fit and enhanced cross lace fastening system stability, whereby Jordan hit a new record in the final score, he was in the Phoenix Suns to the Finals grabbed 41 points per game, and in one fell swoop He won gold for the third consecutive NBA championship rings.

The ninth generation of Air Jordan shoes 1993 –1994 nine years Seiko secret agents to create this simple classic styling Air Jordan shoes, gear-shaped structure in the end is the most significant feature. Jordan participated in the design of the shoe, the shoe became his favorite, but he never wore it participated in the competition. In a yet to win a championship, Michael Jordan temporarily hid his beloved Air Jordan shoes, in turn participate in professional baseball.

The tenth generation of Air Jordan shoes in 1994 to 1995 when Michael Jordan returned to basketball from the baseball field after field, quickly climbed the pinnacle of personal athletic career again, but his love of Air Jordan shoes has not changed. Jordan ten generations on the soles recorded a brilliant record he achieved in the NBA.

Classic Boots

Tenth generation Air Jordan shoes 1995 – 1996 Joe eleven have perfect lines and shiny patent leather, the tenth generation of Air Jordan shoes have a secret weapon: carbon fiber, in addition vamp made of high polymer material Anti-stretch can ensure years of wearing no deformation, Jordan wore these shoes to win a fourth NBA championship.

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